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    fifa 10 features

    walkn cadav3r
    walkn cadav3r
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    fifa 10 features

    Post by walkn cadav3r on Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:52 pm

    Now we're getting a bit more information coming through it's worth putting together a list of all confirmed updates/improvements to Fifa10 compared with Fifa09. The sources of information are given at the bottom.

    Please do post in this thread if there is anything new to add to the list or if I have included something by mistake that isn't yet confirmed. Enjoy!

    Fifa 10 General Improvements

    * 360° dribbling
    * Skilled dribbling, holding LB/L1 goes in to a high-res dribbling motion, can be used to take players on. *new*
    * Custom Set Pieces
    * Training Mode Added with x versus x custom number of players.
    * 'Anything goes' practice matches (no referee!)
    * Realistic fatigue system, no more 90 minute sprinting!
    * Continuous play, less cut-scenes that break up the play, fouls, yellow and red cards etc do not have cut-scenes *edited*
    * Realistic weather patterns and night matches
    * Ability to do long "rory delap" type throw-ins
    * Goal side flat ad boards on the pitch are gone
    * Improvements to the advantage rule
    * No scoring from kick off
    * Graphic improvements, you can see players breath in cold weather, player graphics have been redone and are an improvement on last year
    * Goalkeepers can get sent off
    * Greatly improved goalkeepers with ability to make double saves
    * New nets
    * Improved ball physics, ball feels heavier and does not 'float' across the pitch
    * Improved player awareness, no more getting in the way of cross field passes
    * CPU will perform skill moves
    * Can change the freekick taker during the game
    * Improved ball control/trapping
    * Game speed faster than 08 but slower than 09
    * Able to move the wall when defending freekicks
    * Improved tackling physics, the player goes for the ball and not through the opponent
    * Improved shooting mechanics, two stage, first half of power up controls power and second controls height, possible to drive shots
    * Overhaul of animations, all completely new, walking/sprinting with and without the ball, some additional skill animations
    * many more goalkeeper animations
    * Matches calculated on a minute by minute basis. Guessing that refers to how the AI reacts to your performance.
    * Rain and snow are selectable in normal matches
    * The EA logo has been toned down on the replays
    * Upto 64-player tournaments with all teams user-controlled
    * Ability to take quick free-kicks
    * The ball will hit the woodwork less frequently
    * Goalkeepers can take freekicks *new*

    Fifa 10 Manager Mode Improvments

    * A more user-friendly manager mode hub/desktop
    * More user-friendly navigation system
    * Ability to edit kit numbers
    * Improved Financial System
    * New wage budget
    * New board difficulty level setting
    * New level of authenticity and realism with regard to signing players
    * 2-tier bidding for players, first agree fee with club then agree terms with the player
    * Manual growth removed but replaced with improved authentic/realistic auto-growth
    * New scout ability to predict future growth of players
    * Pre-season friendlies added, arranged by the new Assistant Manager. *edited*
    * Board confidence update after every game
    * Ability to renogotiate with players immediately and not through negotiation history
    * Transfer rumours
    * CPU squad rotation
    * Fix to the long-term injury bug i.e. there will be long term injuries
    * No "available negotiations" cap, unlimitied number of transfer offers depending on your available budget
    * Final decision on player transfers. You can bid for multiple players for the same position and if they all accept then you can choose which players to sign and which not to sign.
    * Manager mode will not end if you get sacked, your reputation will take a hit and you will get offers from other clubs.
    * You will receive job offers at the end of a season "The better your Reputation, the better the offers will be. You will be able to see their squads overall as well as their key players in every area of their squad. The clubs financial situation will be shown as well. "
    * Able to assign generic stadiums to clubs and rename them, and set weather conditions for that stadium.
    * Improved atmosphere in matches with rivals and more 'frantic' celebrations
    * Ability to view opponents starting 11 pre-match
    * Ability to shortlist up to 20 players
    * Computer generated player names will be regionalized, "no more Scott McFadden from Brazil"
    * Kit editing "Now that we know how important the Kit editing screen was (based on the amount of complaints we've received for not having it), we've made a new one for FIFA 10 :-). " Probably just relates to the ability to edit kit numbers but no more info available at present
    * Additional in-game commentary inc "Transfer speech, Player Form Speech, Board Confidence comments and much more to come"
    * Players are no longer tied to a club for 12 months after signing, they can move on as early as the next transfer window
    * Financial bonus for promotion, to help bolster your squad *new*
    * Players will develop at other clubs, not just the user controlled one *new*
    * You can set the age of your created player and assign him to your MM club *new*
    * You can also edit the stats of your created player *new*
    * Contract length plays a role in the market value of a player *new*
    * Marcel says "One really last thing, I like to play Online and to play Manager Mode...que?!? ;-)" *new*

    Fifa 10 Online Improvements

    * Dream team glitch fixed! No more custom teams in ranked games.
    * Improved club management settings
    * Improved club match making
    * New 5v5 mode
    * More player stats in Clubs
    * Ability to check Club stats online
    * Only one "any" player in a team *new*
    * Search criteria will be shown on screen during matchmaking
    * You will see at the end of every game how many ranking points you earned
    * Ability to end online matches in a draw, if both sides agree, 1v1 only
    * Fifa Interactive World Cup (I'm guessing like Interactive League) where team stats are equalled similar to Clubs matches.
    * Less boosting! Reduced ranking points per match for each match played against the same person.
    * "Faster identification and punishment of cheaters" helped by increased stat monitoring.
    * New EA Live Team that will monitor and track down cheaters.
    * Idle players will be disconnected in 10v10 matches.

    Fifa 10 Soundtrack

    * See them and listen to them here

    Fifa 10 Release Date

    * UK - 2nd October 2009
    * Europe - 2nd October 2009 (assumed)
    * US - 20th October 2009
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    Re: fifa 10 features

    Post by Tio Nicci on Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:41 pm

    Cool FIFA 10 is released on the day of my Birthday for the US. afro afro


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    Re: fifa 10 features

    Post by SubaruAdrian on Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:30 pm

    Sounds good except the "Ball will hit the woodwork less often"... I mean.. if the strike is off, the strike is off.
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    Re: fifa 10 features

    Post by sWo97 on Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:55 pm

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    Re: fifa 10 features

    Post by Stevie on Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:58 am

    Can't wait to check out the MM. Sounds amazing. Very Happy


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    Re: fifa 10 features

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